Questions are always appreciated by entrepreneurs.

Here’s a couple for a nice Q3 check-in:

-What are my top 3 goals this week?

-What book should I read to accomplish my top goals?

-What would be my 1 big win today?

-What is distracting me?

-How much $ do I want to generate by the end of this month?

-What habit can I practice that can increase my focus?

-What can I add to my morning routine to make me feel better?

-What habit can I practice that can decrease my stress?

-Can I go to bed 30 mins earlier and sleep 30 mins more, today?

-What foods am I eating that steal my energy?

-How can I pack in a(nother) 10mins HIIT in my daily schedule?

-Are you happy?

-Am I being impatient?

-In what situation am I my worse enemy?

-Can I schedule 30mins this weekend to have a talk with myself and reflect on the state of my life?

-Who can I speak to that will make my day better, today?

-What business magnate can I surround myself with to progress faster?

-What have I been procrastinating on since a while, that little by little, is stealing my energy?

-Who’s stealing my energy, and how can I avoid them / this situation?

-Where do I feel stuck in my life and what solutions can I try to unstuck that energy?

-What bad habits do I cultivate, and what’s the top 3 solutions I can implement to dissolve them for good?

-Where am I inconsistent with my values, in my life? Where am I lazy?

-Where in my life am I under communicating?

-How can I be more of a better person, and less of a dictator, in my life?

-What is the quality of my thoughts nowadays? How can I go on a negativity detox?

-What experience can I plan that will really get me out of my routine, and potentially change my life?

-Where do I see myself in 10 years from now?

Copy this, paste it in a google/word doc and write down your answers!

Let me know if this was helpful.