Why so many friggin meetings?

For cash yes, but for R&D, data and antifragileness too.

Having a window on the world / this market gives me an unfair advantage. I know the trends, I know what will happen tomorrow, in 1 year and have somewhat of a glimpse on the very long term (5+ years) with some initiatives of mine (the Nutso far Future Podcast).

I speak to all kinds of entrepreneurs daily. They are the best window to the world, as they run it, literally. But I also speak to politicians, futurists, authors, speakers, coaches, etc. I battle-test my ideas weekly, weakening some of my hypothesis, strengthening others. Consolidating my knowledge, synthesizing my learnings. It’s a constant feedback loop between learning and instant implementation/practicing.I spend my day researching, talking to people, reading and getting smarter by the day.

I don’t know of much more folks with that advanced “knowledge systems” except “The Top” aka Elon, Bezos, Buffet, etc. The kind of folks that are still hard for me to reach, but Nutso far.

Ultimately, it’s not having a money cushion that will protect you from the future’s intempéries. It’s having a knowledge cushion. Using that heavy jelly box of yours. This is the definition of antifragileness.Now, please wear a helmet when you bike.