Change these two things

Dear LinkedIn Connection.

I'm quite fond of sharing my best advice. Not only because it'll help you, but also because it will force me to step up my game, constantly.

As a sales coach, I've found that apart from my cold email advice, the greatest impact Igenerate on founders is when I say these 2 things:

1. "Test a new product."

2. "Increase your prices."

Do these 2 things, and you shall minimum 2X your revenues. Now what you'll do with thiscash is to your discretion, but I'd personally buy a #vanlife converted Sprinter and re-travelthe full South America, again. More on that on another day.

Now, more on these 2 easy pieces of advice to give, yet so incredibly hard to execute:

1. "Test a new product"

Most entrepreneurs get comfortable selling lemonade for a while. After all, "it works" and "itwas so hard to get there", that "hell no, I'm never gonna sell anything else again".

Startup studios shall sharply reply "wrong".Sure, it was hard to find your first product market fit, and you might have even gottraumatized by it, but I'm telling you, the more practice, the easier it gets. Plus, testing newproducts with the right sales channel (hrum, email outreach), is incredibly easy. A) Writedown a product idea B) Write down an email C) Send it to a bunch of target customers D)Get on a phone call, throw a price E) Get a sale or market feedback.

The more products you can test, the more pink oceans you can find. Lemonade oceans. You just try it and thank me later.

I personally launched 3-5 new businesses this year only using this method. Each of them, incredibly profitable.

Now, I must issue a warning. The comfort zone is real, and the mindset struggle is real on that one.

Sometimes, all you need is a coach to tell you "it's okay, just do it". I can be your Phil, I'll coach you through the discomfort of launching something new. Everyone needs acoach. Holl@me.

And if you can product launch daily like there's no tomorrow, without a coach, email me back so that I can give you a round of virtual applause. You da man. Shoutout to da ladies too.

2. "Increase your prices"

Okay, another great discomfort right there. I know because every time I need to lift myprices by $200+/month, it causes me anxiety. It's so hard. So uncomfortable.

"Oh I won't getanymore clients at this price." Comfort is really the enemy of greatness/excellence.The truth is, every time you'll lift your prices, just like I said at the beginning of thisnewsletter, it will force you to be better, and better, and better.

What happens when youreach the cream of the crop? Well, you can call yourself "the best". And what happens whenyou say, and you are the best? You win markets.

Look at Tiger vs. all other PGA athletesback in his prime, look at Jordan, look at Drake, look at Apple, look at Amazon. Allmonopolies in their own rights. Da money.

So not only you can charge more, but perform best, hence retain more, in the end. If there'sanything as a "guiding law" in business, it's that performance wins all the time. The smartestwins. The best product wins. The best CS wins, etc.

Become the best, and charge the most,that's the market you wanna be in.For my clients, again, it costs them so much to raise their prices. It's so uncomfortable. Butremember that Warren's 1000$ bill is your 1$.

Successful/bigger companies won't mindpaying more. They also "test stuff" just for fun, as they can allow it, unlike small startpups /solopreneurs that are doing a do or die hyperbet on your business. Risky stuff, stressful stuff.

My greatest biased hack to raise your price is to have a coach along your side whispering"go" in your ear just before you plunge in the cold lake. I can be that coach. But hey, don'tgo with that, who wants to be rich?