Cold Email for HR

Hey, for most, the word "sales" doesn't generate any motivation whatsoever.If you've learned to love sales, then congrats, you are one of the lucky few that may have ashot at doing well in business and in this market.

Still! Have you tried yourself at cold e-mail and failed miserably?

In this e-mail, I'm going to try to put into words my passion/obsession with cold e-mail, andhow it changed my life and my business over the past few years.

Sure, having 10+ meetings in my calendar on a daily basis helps. Acknowledging I close30% of the clients I speak too, this is pretty good revenue.

Yet. This is not the main reason I'm obsessed with the thing.

Startups and very successful, cash-generating businesses, are about one thing:product-market-fit. Gone's the time of brick and mortar, and luck. I don't hope for luck, I workto reach it, daily, statistically, mathematically, scientifically. What does that even mean?

All my businesses being remote, I can afford to test and deploy around 1-5 new virtualproduct/business ideas per day. My goal in life being to create the largest startup ecosystemin the world.

I test every product variance to an audience variance. And then can make up correlationsin-between.

That means I can test up to 1500+ products per year with 1500+ niches/audiences. Whatdoes that do to a brain? It gives it utter power in the business world. The knowledge of amarket. Few have that, even top hedge funds are constantly in the pursuit of this kind ofknowledge. I'm building this very efficient business incubator / VC, on this very premise.

And what does this mean in terms of numbers? It means that while a normal entrepreneurmay test 1, to 5, to 10 product ideas in a lifetime, I test that in a day. It's a drastic evolution ofthe homo negotiator. From crawling fish to T-Rex.

There is a deeper scientific complexity than just determining the validity of the correlationsbetween product market fit, but ultimately, I am on the path to build the ultimate "businessthat builds business". This is what the top gun's have been after, forever.

People need to stop complaining that rich keeps getting richer and assume their humannessand the laws of evolution. We just need to keep getting better. We humans are competitivebeings. We humans have learned to use tools to our advantage, to reach our goals.Complaining and stagnating may ease short term pains, but long term growth can onlyachieve doing odd, occult stuff that most people forbid.

I've found my spells in this thing called cold email. Everyone checks their e-mail. Laws arestill vague concerning it, most fear them. Not a lot of companies do cold email well.Technologies have evolved only recently to allow 1) the easiness of fetching good data, and2) the scalability of a cold email operation.

It's a new science, these are new frontiers, and while TikTok is crushing B2C, if you're inB2B, you'll want to hit cold email ASAP. Or at least start there, with a tad of linkedin, andfinally go full multi-touch with calls as well. This is, ultimately, what makes a company foldduring this recession, or what makes a company oddly successful during rough times.

Product testing. Audience testing. Sales. Cold email's the full package. In further emails I willdetail how I use it for other business departments: HR, Ops, and even finance.

Ultimately, cold email's a tool, a channel. It is in my opinion the apex of B2B communicationin our modern time. This means it can be used interchangeably to reach any of yourbusiness goals. My businesses are living proof of that.

Catch you on the next email and please, if you're reading this, don't stay silent. I put up greatquality content for you. Maybe cheer for me or something. It's lonely at the top.