Contrarian advice on how to select your agency

Note that 80% of what you'll be paying your agency, as a customer, is not necessarilytalent/quality, but lifestyles of founders.

Yes, you read that right.

So ask yourself, first: how many cofounders are on the roaster here? If you have 2, 3, heckeven 4 cofounders, expect high prices for whatever you'll pay. And not necessarily higherquality.

Then, ask yourself, where to these founders live? Expensive London, New York, SF? Thatmight explain the 10k/month price tag, not necessarily the results you'll be getting.

Third, ask yourself if the agency is remote or has expensive downtown offices to pay.

Fourth, ask yourself an interesting question: how greedy and luxury-oriented is the founder?Do they constantly post vids of themselves in their mansion and with cars? Cuz that'sexplaining 80% of the bill.

Now, to be fair, agency founders living in opulence do generally back out their lifestyle withhigher IQ. You need to be hella smart to be wealthy. You will generally get higher quality inthese cases. But to explain the end bill? Maybe not. They're just better at selling you.Delivery is somewhat equal to 80% of quotes you’re getting. Sometimes Black Swans will exist.

So yes, the price has to be right.

Now I don't condone being rich. But I will highlight the fact that in a connected world, thenerd that knows how to research the internet right and has a dozen other metaskills underhis belt, will always be the best to serve you. This nerd might live in a remote country. He willbe a solo founder, might have a cofounder. He will not have expensive offices/rent. Hire thisnerd.

If you're looking for an SDR nerd, a cold e-mail OCD afflicted human, do not look further. Youhave me. My prices are freakingly low. As I preach what I wrote in this short post.

And no, I didn't intend for this post to turn in a sales pitch. But I'm a good pick, for sure.

Hope I could leave you with a contrarian mental model on how to select an agency.

As spending well is almost as important as earning well