Recession: Antifragile B2B niches

Recession’s hitting. Yet, depends for who.

If you are not agile and don’t adapt quickly, you’re gonna get hitharder.Adapting to me means testing more paths and seeing what interestingresults you can get.

Here’s a short bullet list of what niche can do well during thisrecession + explanation:

1. M&A. Real opportunists rise out during recessions and starthunting. Buffet’s out, and the best Mergers & Acquisitioncompanies are out there, looking for big fat underpriced deals. These can be good clients for you.

2. Energy, greentech. We still need electricity during recessions.Also, environmental laws still exist during rough times.

3. Re structuration companies. These companies helpstruggling companies get profitable again through variousstrategies, most of the time cutting costs and focusing on whatworks.

4. Hedge funds. These are also on the hunt.

5. Rich folks/Investors. Rich folks get richer during recessions.They have fat stack of cash always ready to be deployed onopportunities.

6. Luxury. Rich folks buy luxury. This niche is antifragile.

7. Manufacturing. Stuff still gets produced during recessions.

8. Covid Winners. Think of the supermarkets, the techcompanies that got their stocks over inflated. Many havestacked during covid. Many exited before the recession. Manyare sitting on impressive amounts of money. Think and goafter them.

9. Real estate tech. Real estate never really does bad, as newhumans need a new home to show to be validated by peers. Goafter tech companies serving the real estate market.

10. Automation. Many companies will seek to replace humansduring this recession. Think of automation softwarecompanies.

11. Robotics. Robots replacing humans. This trend is not aboutto go away and will be emphasized during recessions