Growing A Beard test

Growing a beard now.

                                                      It’s patchy. It’s ugly.

Goal is to reach Leonidas level.

I’ve shaved my head before, and gawd, you didn’t want to see this. I lost sales as a result, looking like a skinhead that escaped from prison.

It also sunburned my head down here in Mexico. I’m doing another experiment now, but with a beard.

This new experiment came as I was thinking lately, to AB test moreprofessional shirts vs. my normal t-shirts. I haven’t derived statistical significance from that one, except that I was hotter and sweating more as a result of “more professional outfits”, probably affecting adverselymy sales.

So the hypothesis with the beard is the following:

● Less clean looks will diminish closing rates, until it looksdecent

● Beard will make me look older and increase closing rates,eventually

Bottom line, I estimate that 2 months from now, it will have a netpositive effect on my closing rate. Let’s see. Will keep you posted of the results.

BUT, I might decide to shave from one day to the next. Diminishes aerodynamics in my ultra races.

This will get weirder,