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Dear LinkedIn Connection, monthly, I join forces with amazing entrepreneurs to talk about what's good and what's bad in our respective businesses.

These mastermind calls make me smarter and calmer. It's like having my own Avengers.

Very insightful and great for motivation/accountability. We have spots in the following mastermind's:

Founder Mastermind, cohort 3.

Coaches Mastermind, cohort 1.

Agency's Mastermind, cohort 1 and 3.

Leadgen Mastermind, cohort 2.

We filter members, although the mastermind is free. We also make sure to only keep top members in the cohorts.

We also vet for attendance, punctuality, and presence.

If we talked before, and I liked you, then that'd give you a major head start.

Are you interested Dear LinkedIn Connection?