I plan to get Elon-scale in terms of wealth, fame, and power. I tend to get what I want in this life.

Now, I will not talk for my future self, as I will change 1000-fold in between, but as of now, if you ask me “Charles, will you ever stop cold emailing?” The answer would be “nope”. Here’s why.

So. I might have peeps in my org cold emailing instead of me using my personal name/brand, except when it comes to highly 1v1 personalized stuff which I will send or my trusted assistant will send. Saying.But even then, what we’re talking about here, to me, is two fold:

1) Pulling rather than pushing. Cool business strategy, but you’ll always need some pushing.

2) Ego. I don’t care if people judge my email or think whatever about me. I’m forever testing/playing, getting smarter, better, stronger, daily.

I view cold email as the best modern way to test out new business ideas, to a limitless audience.

My #1 formula in business is number of product variance x size of audience = the greatest chance of accomplishment, product market fit. I don’t know any other tool out there that allows me to achieve quicker and more scalable results than cold email, in the B2B niche.

One crucial point on this topic is that if you are going all in with pulling/inbound, unless you’re Elon, you’re mistaken. Keep outbound strategies to a minimum of 20% of your lead gen/sales strategies. SEO is shotgun shooting. You can’t fully control the flow, like when you are sniping with cold email.Chances are, ego’s getting in the way, and you are scared to look “needy”. You never look needy if you did your research well and if your copy’s on point.Sure, sales’ and human psychology’s about “making them think it was their idea” hence search might have a couple of conversion points higher, but is strongly limited from a quantity factor.

Outbound is unlimited.Sales’ a mentality. Hunting’s a mentality. I don’t have many problems with sedentary strategies, other than when the recession tornado hits your crops, and you keep staying there, dumbfounded. Or worse, doing your referral rain dance. Go hunt now, else your business will be starving. Because of your ego.

If anything, doing outbound’s the greatest thing, as it dissolves your ego. So no, short term, giving up on cold email would obviously be dumb stupid for me, and I can’t foresee a future where it becomes obsolete. It’s a gift from the skies. Financially, sure, but also powerwise. I can connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime. Isn’t this the definition of freedom?